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Modern air conditioners run on coolant. If you have a refrigerant leak, then your AC performance will suffer. Refrigerant leaks are dangerous, so you need a professional to help manage the problem. 

S&L Air Conditioning and Heating offers refrigerant leak repair services in Mitchellville, MD. We have the skills and know-how to handle toxic freon spills safely and can get your AC back in working condition. 

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Refrigerant Leak Repair
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Refrigerant Leak Repairs: Does Freon Leak When the AC Is Off?

All modern ACs use liquid coolant to extract heat and produce the cold air your AC pumps into your home. AC coolant, or freon, cycles through your system, repeatedly expanding and condensing. Manufacturers design most modern air conditioner units to never need coolant replacement. 

However, AC freon lines can break and leak coolant. At that point, you’ll need a professional for refrigerant leak repair and to top-off coolant levels. Air conditioners use closed-loop cooling systems, but your AC can leak freon even when shut off. 

AC Freon Leak Symptoms

Below are some common AC freon leak symptoms that every homeowner should know how to identify. 

Poor Cooling

Your AC requires coolant to properly extract heat and produce cold air. The most common sign of low coolant is difficulty blowing cold air. If your AC only blows hot air no matter the setting, a freon leak could be the culprit.

High Humidity

Coolant also plays a role in extracting moisture from warm air. High humidity could indicate that your AC does not have enough refrigerant to maintain consistent humidity levels. You may also see excessive condensation inside and outside of your unit.

High Utility Bills

If you have low coolant levels, your AC has to work harder to produce the same results. As such, your AC bills might increase while AC performance stays the same. If you notice your energy bills are rising, double-check to ensure coolant levels are adequate.

Frost on Coils

Coolant liquid also plays a crucial role in preventing frost from building up on your coils. A little bit of frost on coils is normal for typical operation, but excessive frost could indicate you are running low on coolant.

Bubbling or Hissing Sound

Another common sign of low coolant is a hissing or bubbling sound from your AC when it’s not running. Leaks create pressure changes in the closed coolant lines, which can cause bubbling and hissing in the liquid.

Is Leaking Refrigerant Dangerous?

Freon is a toxic substance, so freon leaks can pose a serious hazard to your and your family’s health. Freon poisoning can cause several symptoms, including:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Throat or sinus swelling
  • Loss of vision
  • Stomach pain
  • Indigestion or heartburn
  • Burning sensation on mucous membranes (e.g., eyes, lips, tongue, etc.)
  • Weakness or lethargy

Additionally, freon is highly flammable and has adverse environmental effects. We do not recommend trying to repair your air conditioner leaking freon on your own. 

If you experience any of the above symptoms after coming into contact with a freon leak, contact a doctor immediately. Afterward, call a professional HVAC contractor to take care of your freon leak problem. 

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