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Choose S&L to expertly assist you in mitigating the intense summer temperatures in Bowie, MD, ensuring optimal performance and flawless operation of your air conditioning system.

Heating and air conditioning services in Bowie, MD


In the event that your heater encounters any issues in Bowie, MD, S&L stands ready to promptly diagnose and address the problems with utmost efficiency and expertise.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Bowie, MD

Indoor Air Quality

Entrust S&L with the care and maintenance of your HVAC system's air ducts, as they play a pivotal role in regulating the airflow throughout your home. By choosing our services, you ensure optimal comfort and a well-balanced indoor environment.

HVAC Services in Bowie, MD

Reliable and Trustworthy Local Heating And Air Conditioning Services in Bowie, MD

Are you facing challenges with your current heating or air conditioning system’s performance? Perhaps you’re considering an upgrade to a more energy-efficient model, offering improved comfort and cost savings. Whatever your heating and cooling requirements may be, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance.

At S&L, we prioritize transparency by implementing clear and upfront pricing. This commitment means that we will present the repair costs and discuss available options before commencing any work, ensuring that you are fully informed.

To offer you peace of mind, our company has undergone rigorous background checks conducted by reputable entities such as Google and Amazon. Additionally, we stand apart from the competition by providing written guarantees, further enhancing your protection.

Our team of technicians boasts an average experience of 12+ years. We take utmost care during installations, utilizing drop cloths and wearing protective footwear. Moreover, punctuality is a hallmark of our service—we strive to arrive on time or even ahead of schedule for most service calls.
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About S&L Air Conditioning and Heating: A Leading Provider in HVAC Services

Welcome to S&L Air Conditioning and Heating, your premier local and family-owned heating and cooling specialist. With a rich history spanning over a decade, since our establishment in 2011, we have been dedicated to serving the esteemed community of Bowie, MD, as a trusted and reliable HVAC contractor. We are honored to be a proud sponsor of Bowie High School Athletics, supporting the dedication, talent, and teamwork displayed by the athletes. Our unwavering mission is to streamline the home service experience by prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering unparalleled value. As your trusted partner, we strive to be your ultimate choice for all your HVAC requirements, consistently providing exceptional service with a friendly demeanor. Rest assured, with our expertise, you can rely on us to ensure your year-round comfort.
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Effortless Appointment Scheduling

Contact us today and our dedicated team member will gladly assist you in scheduling your appointment. Alternatively, you also have the option to conveniently book your appointment online.
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Text Confirmation

Rest assured that we prioritize your peace of mind by ensuring you receive text message confirmations and notifications. This proactive approach guarantees that you stay well-informed throughout the process.
Meet Your Technician - S&L Air Conditioning and Heating

Meet Your Technician

A highly skilled technician will be dispatched to your residence to expertly handle the repair or installation of your HVAC unit.
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We Provide Financing Options for Your Convenience!

Are you considering financing options for your air conditioning, furnace, or HVAC system? Look no further! We are here to assist you with convenient financing solutions, allowing you to make your purchase now and pay over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Proper maintenance of your HVAC system includes regular replacement of filters. Generally, standard 1-inch filters should be replaced every 30-90 days, while upgraded media filters typically have a longer lifespan of 6-12 months. For additional information, please click here.
To enhance the longevity and optimize the efficiency of your dryer, we highly recommend scheduling an annual dryer vent cleaning. This essential maintenance service not only helps prolong the lifespan of your dryer but also ensures optimal performance. To book your appointment, please click here.
We advise scheduling annual maintenance for your air conditioning system before the cooling season and once for your heating system before the heating season, ideally during the preseason. These proactive measures help ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your HVAC systems. For detailed information about our comprehensive Protection Plan, please click here.
If you experience any of the following indications such as strange noises or odors, continuous operation of your AC or furnace, limited airflow, ice formation on your air conditioner, high utility bills, or a yellow-colored furnace flame, it may be indicative of a need for repair. To promptly address these issues, we encourage you to click here and book a service visit with our skilled technicians.
As of 2010, the sale of R22 or FREON-based units ceased, giving way to the utilization of Puron, an environmentally friendly refrigerant, in newer units manufactured thereafter. If you are interested in obtaining an estimate for upgrading your existing system to align with these industry changes, please click here.

The refrigerant lines within the AC system operate in a closed loop, which means that any need for refrigerant indicates a potential development of a leak. Should you require assistance in addressing this issue or scheduling an appointment, please click here to book a service visit with our team.
Based on extensive research, studies indicate that the average lifespan of HVAC equipment is approximately 15 years. If your equipment is presenting costly repair needs or resulting in high utility bills, it may be prudent to conduct a comprehensive repair cost analysis. This analysis will help you assess the feasibility of repairs and make informed decisions regarding the optimal course of action.

What Your Neighbors Are Saying About S&L

Very professional!

We called S&L for a very long overdue dryer vent cleaning. I have nothing but superlatives for their service. They responded promptly to our initial call and sent the technicians out to look at our dryer vents.
Valarie A.
Satisfied Customer
Google Reviews

Great Customer Service!

Had an excellent experience with S&L. John was excellent to work with. He was very knowledgeable, provided details of all to be done, and kept in constant. The work he and his partner did was first class and I'm very happy with the results.
Carlos T.
Satisfied Customer
Google Reviews

Excellent level of service!

S & L Air Conditioning and Heating came to inspect and repair our heater after we reported that it was having occasional trouble starting. The technician was super friendly and helpful.
Caj M.
Satisfied Customer
Google Reviews

Amazing team!

Stephen with S&L came out to give my furnace an inspection and maintenance. He showed me a few issues with my furnace that were not dire, but definitely need to keep an eye out for.
Bryanne M.
Satisfied Customer
Google Reviews

Awesome group!

I called at 12:45 and was given a 1:30-4:30 window and Stephen “JR” was at my door at 1:45. He communicated everything he needed to do and also examined my AC unit and suggested services to help the lifespan of my unit.
LaShaun R.
Satisfied Customer
Google Reviews

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