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Is your current heating or air conditioning system struggling to keep up? Maybe you are ready to upgrade your old unit to a newer, more economic model to enjoy savings and improved comfort. Whatever your heating and cooling needs may be, we are here to assist.  


Here at S&L we utilize clear up front pricing because we believe in transparency.  What this means is we promise to show you the cost of the repair and explain options before we begin work. 

Our company has also been Background Checked by the likes of Google and Amazon, for your reassurance. We are also one of few companies to offer Written Guarantees for your protection.

The average experience of our technicians is 12+ years, we use drop clothes and wear protective footwear on our installations, and we arrive ON TIME or even early on most service calls.

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S & L Air Conditioning and Heating offers:

Furnace, Heat Pump & Air Conditioning Installations 


HVAC System Repairs

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Digital, Programmable Thermostats & Smart Thermostat installation​​


Air Duct cleaning and Duct repair


Air quality accessory installation such as : UV lamps, Media Filters, Air Scrubber, I-wave

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I replace my air filter?

Most standard 1 inch filters should be replaced every 30-90 days. If you have a upgraded

media filter then you can go longer generally 6-12 months. For more info please click here.

How often should I have my drier vent cleaned?

We recommend yearly dryer vent cleaning to extend the life of the dryer and to ensure that it is running efficiently. For booking please click here.

How often does my a/c and furnace need maintenance?

Once a year for the A/C and once for the heating, generally done preseason. For more information

on our Protection Plan click here.

How do I know If I need heating or AC repair?

-strange noises or odor

-AC or furnace running constantly

-Minimal airflow

-Ice on Air Conditioner

-High utility bills

-Yellow-colored furnace flame

If you notice any of these signs you may need a repair. Click here to book a service visit.

Do all A/C's use Freon?

In 2010 the sale of R22 or FREON based units halted. Newer units manufactured thereafter

 utilize Puron " the environmentally sound" refrigerant. For an estimate on upgrading your

existing system , click here. 

When should my Air Conditioner need to be recharged with refrigerant?

The refrigerant lines in the AC system are in a closed loop , therefore anytime you need refrigerant it is a sign that a leak has developed. If you want to schedule an appointment with us click here.

How long does my Air Conditioner or Furnace equipment last?

Most studies show the average life span is around 15 years. If your equipment is facing an expensive repair or is causing high utility bills it may be time to perform a repair cost analysis with a comfort advisor. If you need a repair or you want an estimate to replace your unit click here. 

About us


We are a family owned heating and cooling company that has been serving as a leading HVAC Contractor in Bowie, MD since 2011. We believe home service companies should be uncomplicated and human, and we are on a mission to deliver a service at a uncompromising value. We strive to be your go to service company for your HVAC needs , a company that smiles and makes you smile 


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