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A furnace is a significant investment for Mitchellville, MD, homeowners. When it stops working, they need a trustworthy furnace installation company to help select and install a new unit. At S&L Air Conditioning and Heating, we offer precise heater and furnace installations to those in Mitchellville, MD, and the surrounding areas.

As a leader in furnace installations and replacements, we’ve proudly served the Mitchellville, MD, area for 20 years, garnering more than 300 five-star reviews. We possess the experience, professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail you need to improve your home’s heating and fight frigid Maryland winters.

Don’t let your family freeze—take advantage of fast, expert furnace installation services from S&L Air Conditioning and Heating in Mitchellville! Call our friendly, knowledgeable HVAC installation technicians today at 301-450-7988.

Furnace Installation

Certified Furnace Installers in Mitchellville, MD

At S&L Air Conditioning and Heating, we only hire the best HVAC professionals in the area with proper licensure, bonding, and insurance. Our reliable team offers more than four decades of expertise. Each technician goes through a background check and continuous training to ensure we provide the best possible experience for every customer.

Our skilled professionals understand your concerns regarding furnace installation. We perform a detailed inspection before installing your new unit. If repairs are sufficient to resolve your HVAC issues, we’ll ensure that you never pay for a service you don’t need. 

Experienced HVAC technicians remain honest throughout your appointment. We make your appointment stress-free. Our team can answer your questions, help you select the most efficient model for your home, and show you how to operate your new heating system.

S&L Air Conditioning and Heating employees have considerable experience installing top furnace brands. We also utilize state-of-the-art tools and best practices to ensure the smoothest installation possible.

Signs Indicating You Need a New Furnace Installation

Although your furnace could last up to 20 years with the proper preventative maintenance, it can be challenging to know when its time is up and you need a new furnace installation. S&L Air Conditioning and Heating experts know how to spot the signs of a failing system. These include:

  • Your furnace is 15 years or older: An old furnace eventually becomes too inefficient to keep running. A professional installation swaps an inefficient unit with a high-efficiency option.
  • You get no hot air: A furnace not blowing hot air can indicate many problems. Regardless, this is a core issue that our Mitchellville team can easily decipher and fix.
  • The unit short cycles: Short-cycling indicates your heater is the wrong size for your home. Units that are too large run in frequent shorter periods, while undersized heaters constantly run to meet heating needs adequately.
  • You notice higher utility bills: Increases in monthly energy usage may be from your faulty heater struggling to heat your home. A fresh installation cuts your costs significantly.
  • Your heater needs more frequent repairs: Increased repair demands accompany decreased energy efficiency. You can save thousands on repairs by getting a new unit with no repair concerns.
  • The furnace doesn’t run anymore: A furnace that won’t run at all may have no feasible repair options. In this case, the only solution is new furnace installation from the reliable professionals at S&L Air Conditioning and Heating.
  • The unit offers uneven heating: Air duct problems and inefficient heaters contribute to inadequate indoor heating capabilities. Mitchellville, MD, HVAC technicians resolve this issue with a thorough inspection and precise installation.

If you notice these symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at S&L Air Conditioning and Heating. After inspecting your home and heating system, we’ll provide a written quote, so you know exactly what you’ll pay.

Benefits of a Heater Installation

There are many advantages of getting a professional furnace installation in Mitchellville, MD. In addition to improved heating power, our team can help you enjoy benefits such as:

  • Cost savings: Newly-installed heaters don’t have to run as long to heat your home. Your long-term utility savings could make up for the unit’s installation price.
  • Energy efficiency: With a new furnace, you’ll experience greater energy efficiency. The new unit needs less energy to provide your home with the proper heating power.
  • Even indoor heating: Suffering from cold spots in your home? A new furnace will eliminate those.
  • Improved air quality: A new furnace has fresh, clean components. So, air flowing through the unit is cleaner, preventing illness and keeping your indoor atmosphere in top condition.
  • High-quality equipment: Customers with S&L Air Conditioning and Heating receive access to top HVAC furnace brands such as Carrier, Lennox, Goodman, American Standard, and more.
  • Better airflow: An appropriately-sized furnace contributes to more consistent, strong airflow. Thus, your home will maintain a consistent temperature for longer.
  • Increased property value:Homeowners planning to sell their Mitchellville residence can boost their property value significantly by getting a new furnace installation. Modern equipment is a significant selling point for potential buyers.

Choose Us For a Detailed Furnace Installation Near Me

If you need a detail-oriented furnace installation in the Mitchellville, MD, area, S&L Air Conditioning and Heating is the go-to solution. Residents trust us with their HVAC system installations, repairs, and more. Witness our success in installing furnaces, heaters, and boilers for customers like yourself by checking out our reviews.

We bring the following to your installation appointment:

  • A streamlined installation process
  • High-quality, energy-efficient furnaces
  • Knowledgeable installers
  • Affordable labor and equipment prices
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

Whether you need assistance selecting and installing the perfect furnace or are curious about our process, the friendly, expert HVAC technicians from S&L Air Conditioning and Heating are ready to help. No replacement job is too difficult for us! Contact our Mitchellville, MD team today for top-quality furnace installation at 301-450-7988.


We understand the concerns many clients have regarding their furnace or boiler installation. Throughout our more than two decades of service provision in the Mitchellville area, customers have asked us countless questions about installations, replacements, heating system equipment, and alternatives. Here, our HVAC technicians answer the most common queries.

The leading replacement options for your heating system include electric furnaces, gas furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. Each option offers efficient heating. Depending on your home’s size, household heating demands, and budget, you’ll likely select one of these solutions.

While electric furnaces are the most common option for Maryland residents, a gas furnace installation can combat winter temperatures sufficiently while also saving additional money on fuel. Boilers use a radiant pipe or radiator system to spread heat throughout walls, baseboards, and floors. Heat pumps offer especially energy-efficient heating and cooling as they transfer energy.

Preparing for furnace failures can be helpful during colder seasons. Emergency services are ideal for immediate temperature issues that repairs won’t solve. However, a preventative furnace installation will keep your home comfortable and help prevent random breakdowns. 

Consider emergency heating system replacements if you need a fast, effective installation. If you’re unsure of your heating unit’s condition, our preventative maintenance can catch minor problems before they become emergencies. Speak with a skilled HVAC technician from S&L Air Conditioning and Heating to determine which service you need.