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With the thermostat in Adelphi, MD, constantly bouncing around just below the 90-degree-mark in the summer, it’s understandable that you keep your doors locked, windows shut, and AC on full blast. Unfortunately, it also means no fresh air and little ventilation. While this doesn’t pose an immediate threat, constant exposure to air contaminants around your home eventually becomes a health hazard. 

Many of your neighbors in Adelphi have already undergone a UV light installation. Those who live in a congested part of the city with plenty of pollution that gets trapped indoors or pets that release dander especially appreciate its cleaning properties. Therefore our expert technicians at S&L Air Conditioning and Heating take the time to explain UV lights and their benefits.

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How Do UV C Light Air Purifiers Work?

UV C light air purifiers work within your unit, diminishing dirt and dust with a disinfecting light so that they don’t pass into your home. However, each air purifier does so in a different manner. UV germicidal lamps sit in your ductwork, and while they don’t come with pre-filters or filters that trap large and small particles, their air sterilizing light kills 99.97% of contaminants.

Even particles as small as 0.3 microns are no match for these short light wavelengths that are tough on bacteria and viruses but not on the body or ozone. UV C air light purifiers are great at preventing mold and mildew levels if placed near stagnant water, such as the drain pan in the outdoor unit. 

What Are Some Other Benefits of Using UV Air Purifiers?

Using ultraviolet light in your AC unit does more than diminish air particles that contribute to colds and the flu, alongside flare-ups of asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses. While Adelphi, MD, has a good air quality of 46 US AQI, indoor air quality is up to five times dirtier with limited circulation, making UV light installation a healthy choice. However, other benefits include the following:

  • Energy efficiency: Whether you run your air purifier solely with your air conditioner or at all times, the UV light burns less electricity than other filtration systems, including media cleaners and AC filters. Filters need a blower fan to move air toward them, unlike UV air purifiers that don’t, requiring less energy.
  • Cost efficiency: Burning less electricity means lower energy costs, but using air purifiers as a preventative method saves you thousands in the long run. Its sanitizing properties clean the air, allowing your home to require fewer cleaning products and services. It also keeps the inside of your unit clean, barring clogs and keeping your system functioning optimally for longer.
  • Easy maintenance: Unlike filters that need cleaning or replacing every one to three months, a UV light installation means you only need to replace the bulb once every few years. 

Where to Install UV Germicidal Lamps

A professional typically installs UV germicidal lamps in the return ductwork. The unit then sucks air from your rooms into the vents and over the UV light for decontamination before it re-releases the air into your home. However, ask your expert about pairing a UV lamp with your damp and dirty evaporator coil since it’ll reduce mold, mildew, and other internal filth buildups.

Let Our Family Keep Yours Safe

Adelphi was recently voted in the top three places to live in Maryland, but with our assistance, you’ll feel like it’s number one! Our family-owned HVAC company takes pride in our five-star Google ratings and over 10 years of experience. For a UV light installation or another quality service, call S&L Air Conditioning and Heating in Adelphi, MD, at 301-450-7988 today!