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To combat Adelphi, MD’s sweltering summer temperatures, you need a quality air conditioner without any problems. Otherwise, you face indoor comfort problems like uneven cooling. If your AC system isn’t operating at total efficiency, air conditioning repair from trusted professionals can resolve your unit’s problems and prevent further issues.

At S & L Air Conditioning and Heating, we offer over 20 years of five-star HVAC expertise. As a top Maryland AC repair company, we offer AC repair services to those in Adelphi and the surrounding areas. Our team has the necessary training to diagnose and repair your AC system’s problems.

Don’t let a faulty AC unit run any longer—get the expert service you need from S & L Air Conditioning and Heating in Adelphi, MD.

AC Repair

Benefits of Working with an Expert Air Conditioning Service Company

Choosing skilled, reliable professionals is crucial for air conditioning repair. We understand the advantages of working with an expert company and want to help you reap these benefits. S & L Air Conditioning and Heating offers the individualized service you need, bringing Adelphi homeowners benefits such as the following.

  • Professional team members: Our friendly team members have years of expertise repairing, maintaining, and installing AC units in Maryland homes. We arrive promptly and maintain a respectful, professional attitude throughout your appointment. We’ll answer your questions and update you throughout the repair process.
  • Continued training: Technicians from S & L Air Conditioning and Heating stay updated on best HVAC repair practices and get continued training to provide our clients with the best possible service. Rest assured, you’ll get expert repairs no matter their complexity.
  • Transparent business operation: Many HVAC companies sneak hidden fees into the final HVAC repair cost. At S & L Air Conditioning and Heating, we prioritize integrity. Before we begin repairs, you’ll receive an accurate, all-inclusive quote for parts and labor. 
  • Reasonable pricing: AC repairs can be costly, especially without regular maintenance. We offer fair pricing for repairs and more. Consider our monthly protection plan and save up to 15% on repairs.

Common AC Problems Requiring Repairs

It can be challenging to determine when you need an air conditioning repair. The HVAC technicians at S & L Air Conditioning and Heating utilize state-of-the-art equipment and years of training to diagnose, repair, and prevent common AC problems, including:

  • Leaks or dripping water: These issues can occur when your AC’s drain line clogs and the condenser coils freeze. Excess dirt, dust, and debris in the AC unit prevent warm air from cooling, resulting in frozen coils that must defrost. HVAC technicians can prevent water damage and clear obstructions.
  • No cool air: Cool air can escape from damaged air ducts before reaching your rooms. In other cases, warm air may be unable to cool due to refrigerant leaks.
  • Unusual noises: Rattling, clicking, thumping, screeching, and other sounds indicate mechanical problems. Sometimes DIY maintenance is the correct fix. You’ll need expert assistance to resolve issues that maintenance doesn’t solve. 
  • Frozen condenser coils: Improper airflow prevents air from cooling inside your AC system. Dirty air filters and a lack of maintenance are common causes of frozen coils. HVAC technicians can charge refrigerant or remove outdoor debris.

Our team has considerable experience resolving these problems and more. If you notice these symptoms or your air conditioner stops working like usual, prompt AC servicing is the best way to prevent worsening issues.

How to Choose the Best AC Repair Company

When choosing an AC repair company in Adelphi, the proper selection is vital to your indoor comfort. The following criteria can help you pick the best AC repair contractor for your situation.

  • Get friend and family recommendations: Your friends and family likely already have AC repair company recommendations. They can offer excellent insight into whom to call for AC repairs.
  • Look for licensed, local companies: Contractors closest to you may offer the best service. Check company websites and check that they have proper licensing, bonding, and insurance.
  • Read customer reviews: Reviews from Google or social media offer transparent feedback on HVAC services. Use reviews to see each company’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ask for an estimate: Contractors should be able to provide a complete written quote for your AC repair needs. Get an estimate from each company to further narrow your options.

Get a High-Quality AC Repair Near Me

As the leader in Adelphi, MD, air conditioning repair, S & L Air Conditioning and Heating have the reliable repair service necessary to keep you cool year-round. Our comprehensive services can resolve the most inconvenient indoor cooling problems. Whether your air conditioner no longer turns on, provides inefficient cooling, starts leaking, or displays other symptoms, our technicians can identify and repair them successfully.

Licensed, bonded, and insured professionals arrive at your property promptly and detail our process so you know what to expect. We’ll provide a quote and won’t begin work without your approval. Our technicians can also update you throughout the repair job and notify you if repairs won’t resolve your unit’s issues.

FAQ's Regarding Air Conditioning Repair

S & L Air Conditioning and Heating understand the confusion regarding HVAC repairs and how to maintain energy efficiency properly with an inefficient unit. Your air conditioning system is a significant investment worth protecting, and understanding your AC system and best practices is necessary to achieve ideal indoor comfort and servicing. 

Our team has the knowledge and training to answer complex questions. Below, we answer the top FAQs regarding air conditioning repair in Adelphi and beyond.

Most AC systems last around ten years before they need replacing. With regular maintenance and air conditioning repair services, some units may last up to 15 years. However, repairs become less effective due to increased wear and tear as your unit ages.

Frequent repairs indicate that your air conditioning system is running inefficiently. You’ll notice higher monthly energy bills and increased HVAC problems. You should get an AC replacement instead of a repair when these symptoms occur to save money and energy.

When your AC stops working, there are a few DIY repairs to consider before calling professionals. Turn off the system’s power, change your thermostat’s batteries, and inspect the AC unit. Contact HVAC specialists if DIY maintenance doesn’t fix the problem.

In addition to changing thermostat batteries, you should get an air conditioning repair instead of a replacement if you notice large amounts of debris on your air conditioner’s interior components or if the AC won’t blow cool air. 

Your outdoor AC unit’s design is ideal for withstanding winter in Bowie, MD. Covering your unit could increase rust buildup as snow becomes trapped inside the interior, leading to future mechanical problems.

If you live in a tree-filled area, consider covering your unit’s top to protect it from natural debris, tree branches, and other potential hazards to avoid needing an air conditioning repair.

Stay cool with an air conditioning repair from the skilled, detailed HVAC technicians at S & L Air Conditioning and Heating in Bowie, MD. Contact our team for service you can rely on at 301-690-0484.