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Lanham, MD, sees a healthy outdoor humidity of around 60% year-round, even during the drying winter and fall months. However, while steamy showers and cooking increase indoor humidity, trapped cool air during the winter and air-conditioned rooms during the summer create a dry climate with little moisture and poor ventilation. 

We at S&L Air Conditioning and Heating want you to be as comfortable as possible in your home. That’s why we offer each new customer $25 off a humidifier installation when you call us.

Humidifier Installation
Humidifier Installation

What Does a Humidifier Do for Your Home?

Low humidity means low moisture levels in the air around you. While a lower humidity may sound great to residents living in areas with 80% humidity or higher, including parts of Iowa and New Hampshire, Lanham, MD, residents feel otherwise. Here, humidity sways, but a humidifier prevents the air moisture from becoming too low indoors and bars the following symptoms:

  • Dry, cracked skin that becomes irritated, red, and flaky despite a quality skincare routine
  • Painful, chapped lips that may result in peeling, bleeding, and irritation
  • Parched mouth and nasal passageways that feel sharp and uncomfortable upon breathing
  • Easy infection from colds, the flu, and other viruses since their molecules move fast and free in dry climates
  • Respiratory illnesses that worsen when mold, mildew, and other bacteria also travel effortlessly in dry surroundings

Unfortunately, the negative effects of a dry climate don’t just affect you. If plants make up a good portion of your home, you probably don’t want to see them die off one at a time or develop pests that’ll destroy the foliage appearance you love. Since most plants thrive off 50% humidity or higher, a humidifier installation saves you from repurchasing your favorite plants. 

Furthermore, low humidity takes a toll on your wallet. Warm air and humidity go hand in hand, meaning if you increase your humidity levels in your home, you can turn down your thermostat a few degrees during the winter for the same warm feel minus the added utility costs. 

Types of Whole-House Humidifiers

If you’re looking into a whole-house humidifier installation, you may be taken aback by the numerous types available for your Lanham, MD, home. Below are some of the most popular whole-house humidifiers to consider:

  • Bypass humidifiers: A bypass humidifier installation, such as an Aprilaire humidifier installation, requires a professional technician to place a humidifier inside your HVAC unit’s supply or return vents. Doing so allows the humidifier to pull warm air that settles in your air-tight ducts and run it over a water tray to collect the moisture. It then releases this moisture-filled air into your home. 
  • Fan-powered humidifiers: Like the bypass or furnace humidifier installation, a fan-powered humidifier installation includes placing the gadget in the ducts so warm air travels to the water tray. However, the main difference is the latter uses a fan to bring more air to the tray, releasing higher humidity levels through your vents.
  • Steam humidifiers: Steam humidifiers don’t need to sit in your ducts to produce moisturized air. Instead, it creates its own warm air by electrically boiling water before moving it through the system.

Trust the #1 HVAC Company in Lanham, MD

No matter which humidifier installation you choose in Lanham, MD, our experienced specialists will present you with the top brands and speedy service that’ll replenish your home’s comfort in no time. We have upfront and affordable pricing that has given us plenty of loyal customers and over 300 five-star ratings. 

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