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Repair or Replace Air Conditioner: Which Is Right for You?

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When you constantly struggle to keep your air conditioner in working order, you may start wondering whether you should repair or replace your air conditioner. How do you know when to invest in a fresh start with a new appliance or continue scheduling repair services? As Bowie’s trusted air conditioner installation company, our crew at S & L Air Conditioning and Heating has some helpful insight to assist you in making the right call. 

#1 Consider Your System’s Age

First, consider how long you’ve had your air conditioner. Most air conditioners last between 15 and 20 years before they stop working efficiently or start causing issues. If you installed your air conditioner over ten years ago, you should think about installing a new one.

Additionally, manufacturers will slowly phase out certain outdated models that have harmful effects on the ozone layer. These models run less efficiently. If you have such a model, investing in a newer, more efficient one can improve your energy costs.  

#2 Compare Associated Expenses

How much do you spend on air conditioner repairs? Even small repairs add up over time, slowly chipping away at your budget. Combine your repair costs over the past couple of years to see the final total.

If your total rivals a downpayment on a new system, choose the new system over constant repairs. If repair services include major expenses, like a replacement air compressor, request information about installation costs. Once expensive components need replacing, you’ll continue paying high upfront costs to prolong the unit’s inevitable decline. 

#3 Does Your AC Work Efficiently?

Compare your current energy bills to your previous energy bills. Although electricity costs fluctuate, you can often request information regarding your household’s electricity consumption from your power company. This information may provide a narrative about your unit’s decline.

You should also consider your comfort when using your air conditioner. Does it:

  • Produce fresh, crisp air during each cycle?
  • Cycle for more than ten minutes to reach your temperature setting?
  • Blow moist, lukewarm air? 
  • Cause high energy bills despite efforts to lower them? 

If you have an unsatisfactory answer to any of the above questions, you’d likely benefit more from a replacement service. 

#4 How Are Your AC Maintenance Habits?

When considering whether to repair or replace your air conditioner, examine your AC maintenance habits over the years. Many homeowners skip or forget maintenance services, believing they’ll save money on an optional service. However, regular maintenance is necessary to prevent a refrigerant leak or failing components.

Maintenance also addresses small problems that could later develop into more serious ones. If you’ve avoided maintenance services, you may have several expensive repairs ahead of you. Thus, replacement may offer a more cost-effective alternative.   

#5 Think About Your Indoor Comfort

Does your family stay comfortable indoors? Or do they struggle to avoid breaking a sweat? If you invest in constant repairs without experiencing a cool, refreshing indoor atmosphere, you may need a new air conditioner to achieve your desired environment.

You might experience the following problems in your home:

  • Thick, humid air
  • Bad indoor air quality
  • Lukewarm air that doesn’t remove the heat
  • Increased electricity bills
  • A leaky outdoor unit

Once you notice one or more of these issues, your air conditioner will likely continue struggling to provide adequate comfort until it stops working altogether. Purchasing and installing a newer model offers the only surefire way to enjoy your indoor environment. 

#6 You May Benefit From New Tech Advances

As technology advances, so do your options for air conditioners. An advanced model can provide numerous solutions that cost you less over time. In addition to fewer repairs and marginally lower energy bills, a new air conditioner may utilize smart technology that allows you complete control from any location. 

Some improvements may include:

  • Compatibility with smart thermostats
  • Quieter systems
  • Humidity and temperature control
  • Notification service when maintenance or repairs are needed
  • Better efficiency overall

If you want a more advanced model, speak with an HVAC technician about options that fit your budget. They can assist you in making an informed decision that benefits your wallet and comfort needs. 

Need Help Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner? Call Our Team!

Don’t decide whether to repair or replace your air conditioner alone! Speak with one of our knowledgeable technicians at S & L Air Conditioning and Heating. We’ll help you make the most cost-effective decision now so you won’t have to worry later. Call us at (301) 701-4665 to learn more about whether AC repair or replacement is best for you. 

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