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What Are Common Problems With Air Conditioners?

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During scorching summers, your air conditioner might run all day, every day. These systems have many complex parts, and when one breaks, the AC might not be able to heat your home anymore. If you’re wondering, “what are common problems with air conditioners?” you’ve come to the right place.

Look no further for the finest in Bowie’s air conditioning installation services: S&L is here to serve you, whatever the problem might be. Whether you’re looking for installation, maintenance, or emergency repairs, you’re in need of our experienced air conditioning experts.

Regular upkeep and inspections can keep your HVAC system running 15 to25 years with proper maintenance. Read on for a list of issues that your air conditioner may have and how we can help you fix them.

Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On or Blow Cold Air

If your AC can’t reach the temperature you set your thermostat to, check the thermostat batteries, then make sure you have it set to “cool” mode in your thermostat settings. 

If the thermostat is working but the air conditioner still isn’t coming on, check your circuit breaker. You can reset a tripped breaker by flipping it off and then on again, but let your unit cool down for five minutes first.

If you have a dirty air filter, your AC will blow warm air and overwork itself, causing even worse damage. Invest in a washable filter, or be prepared to change your filters every few months.

If you have central air, you might also trip the high-pressure limit switch in your compressor during a heat wave. To reset it, try pushing the button in the access panel of your outdoor compressor unit.

Air Conditioner Leaks

Look for strange puddles or drips from your outdoor unit to make sure it’s not leaking coolant. A refrigerant leak in your air conditioner can cause issues with condenser coils and evaporator coils, so you want to be sure there aren’t any chemical leaks.

A trained HVAC technician can fix the leak, test their repair, and give you a fresh refrigerant charge. An unqualified technician may not be able to find the leak or even add too much coolant to a system that’s already full.

Some water leakage is normal due to condensation in both warm and cooler weather. But you may have dirty filters, a blocked drain, low coolant, or another broken part. Check the filters and drain line to make sure you don’t have any blockages.

Your drainage line will naturally clog eventually, so be on the lookout for it—the drain should be free of any clogs and working properly at all times.

Frozen Evaporator Coil or Sensor Issue

Your air conditioner will freeze up if your evaporator coil gets too cold. Check your filters, vents, and blower fan to determine if there is a lack of airflow. The coil itself may be dusty or dirty, so make sure it’s clean inside the system and check the filters.

Next to the evaporator coil is the thermostat sensor, which measures the coil and turns the AC on and off depending on the temperature. If it’s off-kilter or touching the coil, you may be stuck with a machine that won’t stay on.

Broken Electrical Connections

The condenser fan, compressor, and blower motors all make an electrical connection to start the unit, so when you turn it off and on, you can wear out one or all of those parts and get stuck with an AC that won’t turn on.

Alternately, if one or more of these pieces is out of place, you may notice the machine turning itself off and on randomly. These issues require a call to an HVAC company for repair.

Improper Installation

The answer to the question, “what are common problems with air conditioners?” might not be about a broken part; the problem might have started with your AC installation. 

If your contractor didn’t give your unit the proper amount of refrigerant, your machine will overwork. You could have low air flow, cold or hot spots, leaky ducts, and other recurring issues. 

Contact Us for AC Repair

We rely on our air conditioning systems to keep us cool when it’s hot outside. That means when it’s time for AC repair, there’s no time to waste. If you’re wondering, “what are common problems with air conditioners?” our HVAC team at S&L Air Conditioning and Heating can explain everything you need to know and repair your air conditioner.

For the best in expert air conditioning repair and installation, call S&L Air Conditioning and Heating at (301) 690-0484.

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