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S&L Air Conditioning and Heating shall provide services pursuant to the terms outlined below and Customer agrees to be bound as follows:

1. Payment Terms.

Payment is due at time of service. A late fee of 1.5% per week will be charged for any amounts remaining unpaid more than fifteen (15) days from date of service. Customer agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees, collection costs and court fees associated with collection of unpaid invoices.

2. Returned Checks: 

Returned checks will be subject to a collection fee of $35. In addition, if a dishonored check has not been paid within 7 days after notice additional damages may be charged.

3. Deposits: For materials over $250, a 50% deposit is required when parts are ordered. All special orders require a deposit of 50% down.

4. Restocking Fees.

In the event Customer cancels or returns any materials/parts order, a restocking fee of 20% shall be charged, plus any shipping and credit card processing fees incurred. Special orders may be charged full price.

5. Warranty.

Parts purchased and installed by S&L Air Conditioning and Heating may carry a manufacturer warranty. Customer understands that the manufacture is responsible for honoring any such warranty. We shall separately give a labor guarantee of 30 days on parts replaced only. 

6. Estimates.

Customer understands that estimates do not include any additional repairs or parts not listed in the estimate.

7. Water Damage.

We are not responsible for any water flow, flooding or other water related damages due to overflow or obstructions in any drain, plumbing or drainage system. Customer understands that if equipment requires the use of water (either re-circulated or otherwise) water may be contaminated or cause corrosion and that water leakage may cause damage to the equipment or surroundings.

8. Refrigerant Leaks.

In the case of refrigerant repairs, our labor warranty only covers the specific leak location repaired. Unfortunately, at times there may be more than one leak in a system. We may only locate and complete an effective repair of a single leak. You have the right to ask the technician to show you the location of the leak before and after repair. If this is not possible due to an inconvenient location, You have the right to ask the technician to describe the specific leak location on the 

service ticket. However, We will provide a no-cost diagnosis and leak search if you call us within 30 days of our initial service for a suspected second / additional leak.

9. Warranty.

Except as expressly identified in Paragraphs above, S&L Air Conditioning and Heating makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the condition of the equipment, its merchant-ability or its fitness for any particular purpose. Customer further acknowledges and agrees that there are no warranties or promises made by Us outside of this document.

10. Electric/Gas Bills.

You are solely responsible for your electric and gas bills. If equipment installed or serviced by Us changes your electricity consumption or resulting bills, you bear sole responsibility.

11. Maximum Liability.

We are not responsible for any loss or damage, except as may be caused by our gross negligence. You understand that, except for instances of gross negligence, our maximum liability will be limited to a refund of any paid annual maintenance fee or the total cost of labor charged by Us, whichever is greater. 

12. Disputes.

You agree to promptly notify us upon receipt of any bill or invoice of any discrepancy. Signing the invoice showing receipt of work shall be evidence that the work performed has been completed and received, that you have reviewed the invoice and agree to pay for same.

13. It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect services immediately upon completion and notify employees and technicians of any complaints prior to their departure. The Customer agrees that the services are deemed to be successful and acceptable if no notice is received by the company in writing within 48 hours of completion of services.